Stoner B251 Citrus Pattern Wash


B251通常用于大量的清洗,它可以稀释- 你可以去以1:1分量進行,較為经济一點,但这會减轻了去蚀作用。B251浸入长达30秒,然后用清水漂洗(或浸渍)。没有必要用去离子水。尝试直接使用,观察清洗/去蚀的结果,然后调整稀释比例或所需浸渍时间。





Citrus Pattern Wash

B251 is typically used at full strength for maximum cleaning and etching performance. It can be diluted – you can go as far as 1:1 for improved economy but this lessens the etching action. Patterns are normally dipped into B251 for up to 30 seconds and then rinsed (or dipped) clean with water. No need for deionized water. Try using it straight, observe cleaning/etch results and then adjust dilution or dip time for desired performance.


The solvents in the B251 will clean off the release agent as well as etch the wax pattern.  Etching provides a rougher surface on the wax pattern which allows the slurry to adhere better to the wax pattern when dipped.  I don’t believe that there is great temperature effect on using the B251, however, I believe you can get more etching using the B251 when the wax pattern is hotter and less when it is cooler, so you can somewhat control the degree of etching you desire.  You do however need to be sure the wax pattern has cooled to ambient temperature, probably at least an hour of sitting, to be sure that the wax is not expanding or contracting prior to dipping into the slurry.


We have customers who pour 250-300 molds per day and switch out every 1 ½-2 weeks.  They might change their rinse water every day, but the pattern wash is more based on a “feel” basis.  If it felt like it was getting thick and slimy they would change it.  If it appeared to not be etching as well they changed it.


B251 should not be allowed to freeze, although it is freeze-thaw stable. B251 is a micro emulsion and will be stable for 6 months minimum and possibly up to a year if kept closed and stored at room temp.


Cleans and etches wax patterns, eliminating silicone, fingerprints, dust and contaminants which can cause imperfections. This highly-dilutable, water-based cleaner is available in 5-gallon and 55-gallon units. Made from extract of citrus fruits. Leaves a pleasant scent.